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Promithian Global Ventures Inc. is a development stage mining company. Promithian Global is currently exploring the “Main Zone” silver copper vein on the historic Warburton property in the southern Yukon, Canada. The intrusion related quartz-carbonate vein hosts high grades of silver and copper as well as lesser amounts of zinc, arsenic and antimony. Intrusion related silver/copper veins are excellent targets for high grade, small scale, underground mines. Promithian Global is exploring the “Main Zone” in order to determine the most efficient “Narrow Vein Mining” method that will be used to exploit the vein.

The Warburton property was first staked in the winter of 1892-1893 by Warburton Pike and S. Simpson, Who recorded an unknown number of claims at Laketon, British Columbia. The area was subsequently prospected by A. McMillan in the Late 1960s and 1970s, who discovered the “Main Zone” from which a grab sample returned a value of 6,656 g/t silver (194.6 oz/ton) and 15.66% copper. McMillan staked the GREEN 1-4 claims covering the present “Main Zone” in July 1980.

Early in 1981, McMillan optioned the claims to Warburton Minerals Inc. which added the RIVER 1-68 claims. Warburton further added the River 69-76 claims in July 1983, resulting in a block roughly similar in coverage to the present PHIL 1-93 claim block. Also in 1983, Warburton conducted a surface geological mapping and geochemical sampling program. A sample of the “Main Zone” taken during this program returned a value of 1,817 g/t silver (58.6 oz/ton) and 4.6% copper. Warburton also conducted airborne magnetic and electromagnetic (EM) surveying over the entire property in October 1983. The airborne survey served to identify the center of the intrusion on the property.

Descriptions from the 1983 program state the “Main Zone” occurs as a 1.4-meter wide stratiform quatz-carbonate vein within interbedded limestone and shale units along the overturned southwest limb of a northwest-trending anticline (Keyser, 1983). Keyser stated that a sample of this vein, taken in 1983, returned 7,121 g/t silver (208.0 oz/ton) and 17.6% copper. A 60-cm chip sample of this vein returned 1,814 g/t silver (53 oz/ton), 4.6% copper, 0.82% zinc, 0.38% Arsenic, and 0.49% antimony. The dominant economic mineral is tetrahedrite, with malachite and azurite, and lesser pyrite, galena, chalcopyrite and arsenopyrite. Malachite and azurite occur within similar quartz-carbonate veins that are “widespread over the area of the property”. These minerals are restricted to the veins, with no significant mineralization occurring in the host sediments (Keyser, 1983).

No further work was reported on the property prior to its’ acquisition in 2010 by Promithian Mining, Inc.

In December, 2010 a National Instrument 43-101 compliant report was completed on the property: PROMITHIAN MINING, INC. Technical Report On The PHIL Property, Watson Lake Area, Southeast Yukon.

In January, 2011 a Comprehensive Valuation Report was completed which valued the property at between $680,000 and $880,000.

In May, 2013 an Joint Venture Agreement was negotiated between Promithian Mining, Inc. and Promithian Global Ventures Inc.